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Miscellaneous Inventory

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10932 KENT Accumulator, Floop, Kent
11614-HK INGERSOLL-RAND Air Compressor, Ingersoll-Rand, 125 HP
11615-HK KAESER Air Compressor, Kaeser, 100 HP
10905 KOOLTRONIC Air Conditioner, Kooltronic, 6000 BTU
11111 BHA DUST SYSTEMS Bag House, BHA Dust Systems
10951-HK PEDDINGHAUS Beam Drilling System, Peddinghaus
11289-HK OAK Bender, Return Elbow Crossover, Oak, 1.250" Dia.
11326 EATON Bender, Tube, Eaton
11391-HK COFFING Chain Hoist, Coffing, 2 Ton
11389-HK COFFING Chain Hoist, Coffing, 2 Ton
11388-HK COFFING Chain Hoist, Coffing, 6 Ton
11124 KENT Coil End Joiner, Kent, 10" x 0.135"
10255-HK LEE SHAFFER Coil End Joiner, Lee Shaffer, 60" x 0.250"
11591-HK BURR OAK Coil Forming Machine, Burr Oak
11208-HK Conveyor, Banding Line
11547-HK RBI Conveyor, Banding Line, RBI, 10,000# x 72" O.D.
11548-HK RBI Conveyor, Cut to Length Stacker Run-Out, RBI
11546-HK RBI Conveyor, Sheet Transfer, RBI
10263-HK ZENAR Crane Trolly, Zenar, 30 Ton
11600 OTO Cutoff Machine, Oto
11477-HK TAYLOR Die Lift, Taylor Machine Works
11350-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
11349-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
9872-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
11321-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
11384-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
11383-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
9809-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
9810-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
11010-HK CUSTOM Die, Shear Blade, 54"
11285 SCHUMAG Drawing Machine, Schumag
11511-HK ECT Electrostatic Oiler, ECT
10945 MEMCO Embosser, Memco, 48" Wide
11071 MEMCO Embosser, Memco, 58" Wide
11182-HK OAK Expander, Vertical, Oak
9870 SOUTHWARK Extrustion Press, Southwark, 4200 Ton
11410 ROWE Feed Line, Rowe, 60" x 0.105"
10654-HK RED BUD Feeder, Grip, 60" Wide Red Bud
10658-HK RED BUD Feeder, Grip, 60" Wide, Red Bud
11007-HK G. MACICANIA Feeder, Servo, G. Macicania, 48" x 0.075"
9631-HK MECON Feeder, Servo, Mecon, 36"
11312-HK SESCO Feeder/Servo, and Shear Sesco, 60" x 0.60"
9324-EX AUTOLIFT Forklift, Autolift, 30,000#
9797 HERKULES Grinder, Cylindrical, Herkules, 25" x 135"
10309 LANDIS Grinder, Roll, Landis, 24" x 96"
9646-HK CHEVALIER Grinder, Surface, Chevalier, 20" x 60"
11397-HK MAJESTIC Grinder, Tool & Cutter, Majestic
9725-HK WILSON ROCKWELL Hardness Tester, Wilson Rockwell
11402-HK GARDNER-DENVER Hoist, Gardner-Denver, 275 Lbs.
11080-HK MCKAY Holddown Device, Mckay
11464-DH WEAN Holddown Roll, Wean
10646-HK MOTION INDUSTRIES Hydraulic Power Unit, 20 HP
11531-HK PAXSON Hydraulic Power Unit, 30 HP
11082-HK VICKERS Hydraulic Power Unit, Vickers
11512 TRUMPF TRUMATIC Laser, Trumpf Trumatic
11612-HK CLAUSING Lathe, Clausing Colchester
9028-HK CLAUSING-COLCHESTER Lathe, Engine, Clausing-Colchester, 17" x 120"
11275-HK LEBLOND Lathe, Leblond Makino, 15.5" x 54"
11328 IEMCA Loader, Bar, Iemca
11329 HAAS Machining Center, Haas
11206 INGERSOLL Machining Center, Ingersoll Rand
11484 HAAS Machining Center, Vertical, Haas
11611-HK CINCINNATI Mill, Vertical, Cincinnati
9709-HK Motor, 1000 HP DC
9565-HK Motor, 1000 HP DC
10731-HK GE Motor, 30 HP DC, GE
10582-HK GE Motor, 300 HP, GE
10295-HK CUSTOM Motor, 50 HP AC
10387 RELIANCE Motor, 500 HP DC
10907 A.O. SMITH Motor, A.O. Smith, 125 HP AC
10909 A.O. SMITH Motor, A.O. Smith, 150 HP AC
10908 A.O. SMITH Motor, A.O. Smith, 250 HP AC
10904 A.O. SMITH Motor, A.O. Smith/Century, 200 HP AC
10906 A.O. SMITH Motor, A.O. Smith/Century, 300 HP AC
11241-HK Motor, AC, 20 HP
10903 BALDOR Motor, Baldor, 50 HP DC
11240-HK Motor, DC, 100 HP
11295-HK RELIANCE Motor, Reliance, 250 HP DC
11296-HK WESTINGHOUSE Motor, Westinghouse, 350 HP AC
11422 TPM Outboard Support, TPM
11465-DH CAUFFIEL Overarm Separator, Cauffiel, 48"
10927 HUNTER Paint Line, Hunter
11526-HK PAXSON Peeler Table, Paxson, 60" Wide
11366 CUSTOM Peeler, Holddown, 52" Wide
10256-HK ROWE Pinch Roll, Rowe, 60" Wide
9429-HK PRO ECO Pinch Roll/Edge Guide, 60" Wide Pro Eco
7511-EX MACHINE CONCEPTS Pinch Rolls, Machine Concepts, 64" Wide
11507-HK STAMCO Pinch Rolls, Stamco, 28" Wide
10396-HK HERR VOSS Pinion Box Rebuild Parts, Herr Voss
11458-HK HERR VOSS Pinion Box, Leveler, 17 Roll, Herr Voss
11274-HK STAMCO Pinion Stand, Stamco
11239-HK STAMCO Pinion Stand, Stamco
11038-HK MSI Pipe Beveling Machine, MSI, 5.0" Dia.
11130 Polishing Line, Ramco, 30" Wide x 0.048"
11610-HK BICKFORD Press, Drill, Giddings & Lewis/Bickford
10817-HK STAMCO Recoiler Drum, 72" Wide x 16" Dia., Stamco
11257-HK Recoiler Drums, Ruesch
11303-HK DELROYD Reducer, Delroyd, 129 HP
11238-HK DELROYD Reducer, Delroyd, 176 HP
11291-HK GRAV-I-FLO Return Bend Deburr & Clean Machine, Grav-I-Flo
9562-HK PLANET PRODUCTS Roll Lathe, Planet, 14" Dia.
11330 BEHRINGER Saw, Band, Horizontal, Behringer
10884 HEM Saw, Band, Horizontal, Hem
9242-HK W.F. WELLS Saw, Band, Horizontal, W.F. Wells
11385-HK W.F. WELLS Saw, Band, Horizontal, W.F. Wells
11617-HK W.F. WELLS Saw, Band, Horizontal, W.F. Wells
10889 W.F. WELLS Saw, Band, Horizontal, W.F. Wells
9659-HK DOALL Saw, Band, Vertical, Doall, 36"
10886 MARVEL Saw, Band, Vertical, Marvel
11200 AMADA Saw, Circular Cold, Amada, 4" Dia.
10888-HK BEHRINGER Saw, Circular Cold, Behringer
11040-HK HABERLE Saw, Cold, Haberle
11597 OTO Saw, Cold, Oto
10885 HENDRICKS Saw, Panel, Hendricks
11084-HK SIGMA Saw, Panel, SCM Sigma 115
9619A-HK SAVAGE Saw, Plate, Savage, 7.25"
9619-HK SAVAGE Saw, Plate, Savage, 7.25"
10887 SAMPSON Saw, Trim & Chop, Sampson
11290-HK OAK Size Machine, Oak, 0.625" Dia. Tubing
10835-HK LOOPCO Slitter Entry Unit, 54" Wide Loopco
11269-HK AUTOMATIC FEED Stacker, Automatic Feed, 72" x 0.375"
11318 CINCINNATI Stacker, Cincinnati, 48" W x 10 ft Long
10901-HK OAK Stacker, Rotary Carousel, Oak
10668-HK BEHLEN Stitcher, Behlen, 66" Wide
10471 HERR VOSS Strand Extensioner, Herr Voss, 24" Wide
10872-HK SIGNODE Stretch Wrapping Machine, Signode
10727-HK BATHY'S Strip Cleaning System, Bathy's
11035-HK DYNAMEX Tape Payoff Machine, Dynamex
10103-HK RUESCH Tension Bridle, Ruesch
10995 PRO ECO Tension Level Line, Pro Eco, 64.75"
11603-HK MACHINE CONCEPTS Tension Leveler, Machine Concepts, 80", 6HI
11436-HK ADS Tension Stand, ADS, 48"
10824-HK BRANER Tension Stand, Braner, 48" Wide
11618-HK BRANER Tension Stand, Braner, 78" Wide
10383 CUSTOM Tension Stand, Custom, 24" Wide
11362 CUSTOM Tension Stand, Custom, 52" Wide
11086-HK LOOPCO Tension Stand, Loopco, 48" Wide
10495-HK LOOPCO Tension Stand, Loopco, 48" Wide
11552-HK MACHINE CONCEPTS Tension Stand, Machine Concepts
11551-HK MACHINE CONCEPTS Tension Stand, Machine Concepts
11550-HK MACHINE CONCEPTS Tension Stand, Machine Concepts
11553-HK MACHINE CONCEPTS Tension Stand, Machine Concepts
11574-HK MICO Tension Stand, Mico, 60"
11435-HK NOVA Tension Stand, Nova, 48"
8893-HK NOVA Tension Stand, Nova, 48"
10665-HK PRO ECO Tension Stand, Pro Eco, 60" Wide
10031-DH RUESCH Tension Stand, Ruesch, 26" Wide
11365 STAMCO Tension Stand, Stamco, 52" Wide
11311-HK SESCO Threading Table, Sesco, 60" Wide
11476-DH CUSTOM Tooling, Slitter, 7" I.D.
10714-HK GENERAL SIGNAL Transformer, General Signal, 145 KVA
10892 AEROQUIP Tube Crimp Machine, Aeroquip
11595 OTO Tube Mill Components, Oto Mills
11578 MAIR Tube Packaging Line, Mair
10805-HK YODER Tube Straightener & Cut-Off, Yoder
11144-HK KOMO MACHINE Tube Straightener and Cut-Off Machine, Komo Machine
11456-HK Tube Straightener, 2 Plane, Oak, 0.375" Dia.
11119-HK BURR OAK Tube Straightener, Cut & End Form Machine, Burr Oak
10862-HK STANDARD MACHINE CO. Turks Head, Standard Machine Co.
11325 AMADA Turret Punch, Amada
9452-C TAYLOR WINFIELD Welder Strip, Taylor Winfield
10669-C TAYLOR WINFIELD Welder Strip, Taylor Winfield, 76" Wide
11594 THERMATOOL Welder, Thermatool

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