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Miscellaneous Inventory

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10367-HK SULLAIR Air Compressor, Sullair
9760-HK ROWE Applicator, Vinyl / PVC, Rowe
9864-HK DOALL Band Saw, Doall, Vertical
9659-HK DOALL Band Saw, Doall, Vertical, 36"
9242-HK W.F. WELLS Band Saw, W.F. Wells, Horizontal
10163-HK BURR OAK Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak
10161-HK BURR OAK Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak
9787-HK BURR OAK Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak
9840-HK BURR OAK Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak
9800-HK BURR OAK Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak
8642-HK DAHLSTROM Bender, Tube, Dahlstrom
7767-HK DIACRO Bender, Tube, Diacro
7766-HK DIACRO Bender, Tube, Diacro
9298-HK HERR Bridle Rolls, Herr, 42" Wide
9917-HK SESCO Catenary Rolls, Sesco
10138-HK SES Coil Blocker Rolls, SES
10238-HK UMI Coil Breaker, UMI, 60" x 0.135"
10255-HK LEE SHAFFER Coil End Joiner, Lee Shaffer, 60" x 0.250"
6503-EX BRANER Conveyor, Braner Transfer, 15,000# x 84"
8463-EX D & W Corrugator, Tube, D & W
10263-HK ZENAR Crane Trolly, Zenar, 30 Ton
9810-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
8920-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
9872-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
9809-HK OAK Die, Fin, Oak
10532-HK MEMCO Embosser, Memco, 48" Wide
10318-HK ROEHLEN Embosser, Roehlen, 32" Wide
10307-HK ROEHLEN Embosser, Roehlen, 32" Wide
10467-HK HERLAN Extrusion Press, Herlan
9870 SOUTWARK Extrustion Press, Soutwark, 4200 Ton
9598-HK RED BUD Feed , Grip, 72" Wide Red Bud
9936-HK LITTELL Feed, Littell, 36" x 0.170"
9324-EX AUTOLIFT Forklift, Autolift, 30,000#
9275-HK HYSTER Forklift, Hyster, 15,000#
9797 HERKULES Grinder, Cylindrical, Herkules, 25" x 135"
10309 LANDIS Grinder, Roll, Landis, 24" x 96"
9312-HK LANDIS Grinder, Roll, Landis, 60" x 252"
9646-HK CHEVALIER Grinder, Surface, Chevalier, 20" x 60"
9725-HK WILSON ROCKWELL Hardness Tester, Wilson Rockwell
10232-HK P & H Hoist, Trolley, P & H
10240-HK ROWE Hump Table, Rowe, 72"
9909-HK Hydraulic Power Units
10554 CUSTOM Hydraulic Unit, Custom, 30 HP
9028-HK CLAUSING-COLCHESTER Lathe, Engine, Clausing-Colchester
9278-HK HERR Measuring & Paper Application Table, Herr
10242-HK ROWE Measuring Table, Rowe, 72"
10572-HK RELIANCE Motor, 250 HP DC, Reliance
10295-HK CUSTOM Motor, 50 HP AC
10387 RELIANCE Motor, 500 HP DC
8971-EX LOOPCO Peeler / Holddown, Loopco, 54" Wide
10276-HK STAMCO Peeler / Pinch Roll, Stamco, 60" Wide
9665-C CUSTOM Peeler Table, Cincinnati, 60"
10223-HK ROWE Peeler Table, Rowe, 60" Wide
10502-HK PROGRESSIVE Pinch Roll, Progressive, 72"
10256-HK ROWE Pinch Roll, Rowe, 60" Wide
7511-EX MACHINE CONCEPTS Pinch Rolls, Machine Concepts, 64" Wide
10396-HK HERR VOSS Pinion Box Rebuild Parts, Herr Voss
10106-HK CUSTOM Pinion Drive, 5 HP
9994-HK HERR VOSS Pinion Drive, Herr Voss, 15 HP
9199-HK HERR Rewind & Measuring Line, Herr, 60" Wide
8216-HK BLACK BROTHERS Roll Coater, Black Brothers, 44" Wide
9675-HK PRO ECO Roll Feed Line, 28" x 0.125" x 10,000# Pro Eco
9957-HK B & K Roll Feed Line, 36" x 0.080" x 20,000# B&K / Mecon
9631-HK MECON Roll Feed, Mecon, 32"
9715-HK OCTAGON Roll Feed, Octagon, 72" Wide
9635-HK PRO ECO Roll Feed, Pro Eco, 28" Wide
10461-HK PRO ECO Roll Feed, Pro Eco, 72" Wide
9562-HK PLANET Roll Lathe, Planet, 14" Dia.
9692-HK RELIABLE RUBBER Rubber Mill, Reliable Rubber, 18" Wide
9619A-HK SAVAGE Saw, Plate, Savage
9619-HK SAVAGE Saw, Plate, Savage
9804-HK GBS Sizing Machine, GBS
9429-HK PRO ECO Slitter Entry Unit, Pro Eco, 60" Wide
7700-EX ASCO Slitter Knives, Asco, 8" I.D.
9803-HK CUSTOM Slitter Tooling, 10" I.D.
10112-HK ASKO Slitter Tooling, Asko, 9" I.D.
7757-HK RUESCH Stacker Table, Banding Line
10102 CHICAGO Stacker, Chicago, 72" x 20' Sheets
5238-HK EMAG Stacker, Coil, Emag, 10,000# x 72"
9912-HK GARY Stacker, Sheet, 48" Gary
9759-HK ROWE Stacker, Sheet, Rowe, 60" x 20'
10391 STRILICH Stacker, Strilich, 72" x 0.500"
9048-HK PROGRESSIVE Stitcher, Progressive, 72"
10471 HERR VOSS Strand Extensioner, Herr Voss, 24" Wide
9724-HK HIGHLIGHT IND. Stretch Wrapper, Highlight Industries
10103-HK RUESCH Tension Bridle, Ruesch
8696-DH STAMCO/HUNTER/BEHLEN Tension Level Line, Stamco-Hunter, 56"
10578-HK BRANER Tension Stand, Braner, 48" Wide
9086-HK COIL TECH Tension Stand, Coil Tech, 24" Wide
10122 COIL TECH Tension Stand, Coil Tech, 52" Wide
10383 CUSTOM Tension Stand, Custom, 24" Wide
10495-C LOOPCO Tension Stand, Loopco, 48" Wide
8893-HK NOVA Tension Stand, Nova, 48"
10031-HK RUESCH Tension Stand, Ruesch, 26" Wide
10448-HK STAMCO Tension Stand, Stamco, 60" Wide
10473-HK STRILICH Tension Stand, Strilich, 72" x 0.135"
10481-C PAUWELS Transformer, 1,500 KVA
6540-HK DEMAG Turks Heads, Demag
10575-HK LOOPCO Turks Heads, Loopco
10388 GUILD Welder, End, Guild

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