Affiliated Companies: Excel Industries, Inc. and H.K. Holdings, Inc.

Electrostatic Oiler, ECT

Ref # 11511-HK

YEAR: 2001

-ECT Electrostatic Oiler:
5 separate heated tanks supply different liquids or wax to
the electro-static applicator bar.
Closed Loop Blade Heating System.
Strip enters thru the bottom of the oiler enclosure.
2 Spray Blades, one top and one bottom.
Blades can be set by means of air actuated valves to vary
the width in 4" increments from 28" min to 72" max.
Fluid Reservoir
1600W Immersion Heater

-ECT Tank Farm: Tank 1, lubricant XL-301
Tank 2, lubricant PL-1043
Tank 3, lubricant PL-1027
Each tank stand includes, Base 25 gal, 2 Batch 5 gal each used to mix
lubricant with lecithin additive, Additive 5 gal stores lecithin.

-PCT Texturing Roller Unit:
To apply light coating of lubricating oil to heavy gauge aluminum foil
prior to slitting the foil.
The lubricant facilitates the manufacturing finished products from the foil.

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