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96" x 0.375" x 40,000# Herr Voss Cut To Length Line

Ref # 9987

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YEAR: 1992

Materials: CRS, SS, Aluminum
Coil Width Range: 24" - 96"
Thickness Range @ 96": 0.125" - 0.375" Aluminum @ 35,000 PSI
0.125" - 0.250" Aluminum @ 55,000 PSI
0.125" - 0.312" SS @ 40,000 PSI
0.125" - 0.250" SS @ 70,000 PSI
Maximum Shear: 50,000 PSI
Maximum Yield: 80,000 PSI
Maximum Coil Weight: 40,000 lbs.
Coil I.D.: 20" - 30"
Maximum Coil O.D.: 80"
Line Direction: Left to Right
Sheet Length: 24" - 50'
Max. Sheet Weight: Start / Stop
Line Speed: 0 - 100 FPM
Overall Line Dimensions: 40' Wide x 200' Long

Consisting of the following:

-Entry Coil Storage Saddles
Five (5) Stations x 40,000# Each Station

-Entry Coil Lift
Shallow Pit Mounted
Powered lift

Dual Stub Mandrel Type
Powered Expansion/ each head
AC Feed-up Drive/ one head
Slide Base/ each head
Eaton 224 Water Cooled Brake/ one head
Paper Rewinder
Water Chiller for brake- Hiross

-Entry Unit
Holddown with Powered Snubber Roll
Extending Blade Type Peeler

-Flattener- Voss Engineering
Powered Entry Pinch Rolls (Top Adjustable)
Entry Tail Roll (Idler)
Seven (7) Work Rolls in a 3/4 Configuration (Top bank Adjustable with
"Tilt" feature)
75 HP DC Motor (1750 RPM)
Exit Tail Roll (Idler)

-Crop Shear
Down-cut Type
Entry Pass Line Roll (Rubber Coated)
Lip Guard
Exit Pass-line Roll (Rubber Coated)
Scrap Cart

-Inspection Table

-Exit Guide Table
Exit Cantenary Rolls
Manual Centering Guides

-Scrap System
Powered Entry Pinch Rolls (Top Roll is Rubber Coated)
Dual Stub Side Trimmers (25 HP DC Motor/ Each Head)
Dual Scrap Choppers (10HP DC Motor/ Each Head)
Scrap Shute
Powered Scrap Conveyor
Feed Table to Leveler

-Precision Leveler (New in 1992)
Model: VKL LH PR 110/4.500-11/7, 5HI
Powered Entry Pinch Rolls (Top Adjustable)
Eleven (11) Work Rolls x 4.500" Diameter in a 5/6 Configuration
Seven (7) Flights of Back-up Rolls (All Adjustable)
200HP DC Motor (500-1750RPM)
Lincoln Lubrication System
Machine Mounted Controls

-PVC/ Paper Applicator
Entry Pinch Rolls (Idler/Rubber Coated)
Paper Applicator Shaft with Static Bar
Manual Centering Guides
PVC Applicator Shaft
Powered Exit Pinch Rolls (Rubber Coated)

-Mechanical Shear- Cincinnati
Model: 4310
Serial: 28455
Bowtie Blade
Lip Guard/Hold-down Arm
Exit Belt Conveyor

-Reject/ Inspection Table
Powered Twin Belt Conveyor Top (7')
Powered Retraction
"Kick-out" Rolls

-Carry-over Table/ Reject Stacker
Powered Twin Belt Conveyor Top (13')
Manual Side Discharge Stacker (7')

"Bomb Bay" Type
Powered Side Tampers with Single Sided "Flipper" Arms
Powered Back Stop (50' Max. Length)
Powered Lift Table
Powered Side Discharge with Chain Conveyor
Powered End Discharge

-Exit End Discharge Conveyor
50' Powered Conveyor

-Hydraulic Unit
50 HP AC Motor

-AC/DC Control Cabinets (1991)
Motion-Plus Digital Servo Controller
SSD Ranger 5575 Controller
Saftronics G3 AC SS Controller

-Operators Control Consoles
Main Console with TPC Touch Screen Interface
Aux. Control Consoles

Spare Blades- Crop Shear
Spare Blades- Cincinnati Shear
One (1) Set of New Work Rolls- Herr Voss Leveler
One (1) Set of New Intermediate Rolls- Herr Voss Leveler
One (1) Set of New Back-up Rolls- Herr Voss Leveler
Large Lot of Misc. Spare Parts- Mechanical, Electrical, Bearings, Belts, etc.

-Installed and Under Power

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