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Die, Fin, Oak

Ref # 9872-HK

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YEAR: 1993

Oak Fin Die

Model: FDM-975-1

Fits in an Oak FP3-54 100 Ton Fin Press

Die Type: Draw
Pattern: 0.375" x 1.00" x 0.866" Staggered
Style: Ribbon
Size: 48 Rows x 4 Holes per row per progression

Fin Stock: Aluminum 0.0045" - 0.0006"
Fin Stock Lubricant: Oak Oil 50-5 FR

Collar: Inner Dia.: 0.387" 0.001"
Collar Base: Raised

Draw & Form
Draw Range: 24-10 F.P.I. (Fins per inch)
Number of Draws: 4
Adjustment: Wedge Slide
Stripping: Air & Springs
First Draw: Combined Push Pin/Pressure Pad Type
Form Plates: Plain

Pierce & Extrude Style: Combined Pierce-Extrude

Fin Type: Special Louvers on Flat Surface
Tool Type: One Stage with Stripper Plates
Sub-Die Type: Fixed with removable comb type spacer plates
Adjustment: Wedge Slide
Stripping: Upper Plate Stripper

Edge Trim Blades: Rippled

Slit Blades: Rippled
Type: Slotted Style Quick Set
Selector Plate: 1-4, 6 Row Rins

Feed Cover Tray: Fixed with milled clearance for collars

Type: Gag Bar with Gag Rod
Cut: Straight
Blades: Plain

Feed Links: For FP-3 Press
Stacker Tooling: FSM-1259

Thru the pierce auto lube: For FP-3-54-1398

Special Features: Enhance Automatic Lube System

In Storage: Holland, OH

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