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72" x 0.002" -0.015" x 40,000lb Kampf Aluminum Slitting Line

Ref # 9595-HK

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YEAR: 2001

72" x 0.002" - 0.015" x 40,000 Lb. Kampf Aluminum Slitting Line

Material Processed: Alum. Alloys; 1145, 1100, 3003, 7072 and 8111
Temper: 0 Thru H19
Entry Strip Width Range untrimmed: 25" - 72" (635 - 1830 mm) (See Note at Slitter)
Strip Thickness Range: 0.002" - 0.015" (0.051 - 0.381 mm)
Line Speed: 2600 Ft/min. Maximum (800 M/min.)
Depending on material type, thickness, Spool,
Core and slitting width.
Slitting Width Range: 0.6" - 46" (15.8 mm - 1169 mm)
Maximum 40 Cuts Plus Edge Trim
Exit Reels Diameter O.D. Max.: 72" (1829 mm)
O.D. Min.: 18" (457 mm)
(Depending On Material Type, Thickness, Spool,
Core and Slitting Width)
Spool/Core I.D.: 6", 10", 12", 16", 20" Dia.
(152, 254, 304, 406, 508 mm)
Fiber Cores (Cardboard)
Slitting System: Scissors Cut / Optional square knife
Edge Trim Min./Max.: 0.5" - 2.0" Per Side (12.7 - 50.8 mm Per Side)
Slit Width Tolerance: +/- 0.004" (0.1 mm)
Jogging Speed Approx.: 10 M/Min. (Adjustable)
Acceleration/Deceleration: Vo - V Max. in approx. 80 S
Instantaneous Stop: V Max - Vo in approx. 40 S
Emergency Stop: V Max - Vo in approx. 10 S
Winding Tension/Unwind: Max. 12.650 N
Winding Tension/Rewind 1: 318 - 6328 N/25% Taper Tension at Outer Dia.
Winding Tension/Rewind 2: 318 - 8438 N/25% Taper Tension at Outer Dia.

Consisting of the Following:

Unwind Coil Car: The car advances the coil thru the scrap prep station and to
the main unwind in either manual or automatic mode.
V saddle is a turntable and rotates the coil up to 180 deg.
Scrap rewinder: Coil prep rewind stand
Pneumatic radial clamping with air wrench
Pusher plate to eject coil onto Prep Butt Table

Prep Butt Table: Table transports scrap butts away from the line for removal
Hydraulic cylinder raises and lowers the table
Hydraulic motor driven rollers to move the scrap butts

Coil Magazine #1: Prep station unwind station holds the coil and allows it to
unwind onto the scrap rewinder
Spool sizes, 66 to 72" and TBD
Drive motors move the mandrel to unwind the metal

Coil Magazine #2 Coil holding stand to hold the coil until ready to slit
Spool sizes, 66" to 72" and TBD
Driven spool length compensator to adjust for spool length

Main Unwind Reel: Fixed gear AC motor powered
Electro pneumatic brakes, Inch Brake for maintaining web tension
Servo Motor for maintaining web tension during slitter operation
Hydraulic cylinder core length adjustment
Chucks are graduated for different I.D.'s
Ultrasonic coil tracking sensor
Coil O.D. Max.: 90" (2286 mm)
Coil O.D. Min.: 24" (610 mm)
Spool Size I.D./O.D./Length:
23.75" x 26" x 72" (603 x 660 x 1829 mm)
12.812" x 16" x 66" (325 x 406 x 1676 mm)
12" x 16" x 27.50" (304,8 x 406 x 698,5 mm)

Unwind and Coil Stands to be designed to accept future
Spool length of 76" (1930,4 mm)

Splice Table: The splice table allows operators access to the coil ends for
threading and splicing.
Idler rolls feed the metal thru the splice station; 3 idler rolls
Splice platform provides personnel access to the station
Clamping bars secure the metal; 3 pneumatic actuated clamping bars
Automatic cross cutting device, motorized traverse
Taping is done manually via 50mm wide 3" core tape spools

Automatic Threading Bar: Leads the attached metal from the splice table thru the
slitting Cassette.
Threading chain pulls the threading bar back and forth
thru the line.

Butt Conveyor and Spool Storage: Carries spool or spool and butt away from
the unwind stand.
Roller table
Lift out device

Stretcher Rolls: Rolls secure, stretch, guide and apply tension to the metal thru
the slitter
Entry rolls adjust up and down on operators side
3 Nip rolls hold tension against the stretching rolls
Transport rolls feed metal thru the slitter rolls, hold tension
and adjust the wrap angle of the metal in the slitter;
Rolls 3,4,6, and 8 are independently driven.
Transports 1 and 2 drive 7 rolls each, control tension,
5 and 7 drive 2 rolls each, control tension.
3 Stretch rolls stretch and harden the metal through the slitter.
Rolls have a special coating
Stretcher rolls have incrementally smaller sizes as the metal
progresses downstream; 3 graduated sizes for 1%, 2% or 3% stretch.
Configured largest to smallest.
2 Clamping rolls prevent metal from springing back into zone 2,
auto thread.
2 Exit rolls; one at each rewind
3 Contact measuring rolls use load cells to take pressure reading
for tension calculations and absorb shock and supply backup force
at the rewinds.
1 at the entry to zone 2, has 2 load cells; 1 at each rewind,
pneumatically powered compensating rolls on dancer system.

Texturing Roller Unit: To apply light coating of lubricating oil to heavy gauge
aluminum foil prior to slitting the foil.
The lubricant facilitates the manufacturing finished
products from the foil.

Electrostatic Oiler: 5 separate heated tanks supply different liquids or wax to
the electro-static applicator bar.
closed loop blade heating system
Strip enters thru the bottom of the oiler enclosure
2 spray blades, one top and one bottom
Blades can be set by means of air actuated valves to vary
the width in 4" increments from 28" min to 72" max.
Fluid reservoir
1600W immersion heater

Tank Farm: Tank 1, lubricant XL-301
Tank 2, lubricant PL-1043
Tank 3, lubricant PL-1027
Each tank stand includes, Base 25 gal, 2 Batch 5 gal each used to mix
lubricant with lecithin additive, Additive 5 gal stores lecithin.

Slitting Cassette: Top knife shaft adjusts both horiz. and vert., secured jet nuts
Top knife set, 2 holders, knife, snap ring, spring
Bottom knife shaft, stationary, secured by jet nuts
Bottom knife set, knife, rounded edge spacer
2 knife shaft support rollers on each arbor
Felt knife pads, one for each knife
Cross cutting device, automated, traverse by motor
2 heads, on injector set rails, manually operation

Suction Unit: Transports scrap from the slitter to the baler.
Adjustable pull rolls, transport 8
Adjustable shifting suction nozzles, 2 large and 2 small
Pushers, close unused suction nozzles, 4 pushers
Flexible metal hose for transport to bifurcated pipes which
transport scrap strip to baller

Scrap choppers: Chop scrap in the suction tubes, 4 total in line,
4 spare for rebuild

Rewind Reels: 2 separate rewind reels, that accept spools, diameters below
2 separate non driven winding rolls contact metal for tight wraps
Fully automatic cross cutting device
Rewind shafts expand
Both Rewinds are driven by independent AC Motors, each drive stand
has 2 motors, one small and one large
Quick change hydraulically chucked mandrel connections
Winding Shafts:
2 Rewind Shafts - 6"
2 Rewind Shafts - 10"
2 Rewind Shafts - 12"
2 Rewind Shafts - 16"

Rewind Coil Cars: 2 separate cars for each rewind stand
Hydraulic lift
Hydraulic motor travel
Seesaw lay-on arm: pivots to rest on top of the coil
Clamping arm: secures the end of the coil for transport

Machine Design: Drive side on the right, as seen in material running direction.

Voltage: 480 Volts + 10%-20%, AC-3 Phase, 60 Cycle +/- 2%
Control Voltage: 24 Volts
Total Supply amount: approx. 700 Kva
Power cabinet was powered up and all drives fired up 02-2023
PLC Program copy is available

Continuous Pressure: >/- 5,5 Bar (>/- 77 Psi)
Consumption approx.: 24 Nm3/H

Flow: 1,5 M3/H (53 Cu Ft/H)

Full Inspection Report available from Kampf listing condition of this line.

Line was removed from service in 2020.

Removed and in storage: Toledo, OH.

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