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Tube Straightener & Cutoff, Oak, 1.125" Dia.

Ref # 10893-C

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YEAR: 1980

-Oak Tube Straighten and Cutoff Machine
-Model: STCO M5-55
-Capacity: 0.125" - 1.125" Diameter
-Burrless Cutoff
-Pull Apart
-Originally equipped with Pull Apart Clamp Jaw for 0.500" & 0.625"
(must confirm if still equipped)
-48" Hitch Feed for Double Stroking for length of cut.
-Left Hand Machine
-Two Plane Straightener
-Tube Runout
-Tension Clamp
-Belt Feed

-Hitch Feed: STHF M5-55 Shop Order #4222

-Feed Section: DPS - M2 - 37

-Double Sided Coil Stand for Tube Payoff, Non-Motorized
Missing one Back Plate.

-Tooled for 0.625" Dia. Tube
Spare Tooling for 0.375" OD Tube

-In Storage: Rockford, IL

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