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Saw, Band, Vertical, Hem

Ref # 10866-HK

YEAR: 2011

Hem Tilt Head Vertical Bandsaw

Model: V100LM-3

-Throat Capacity: 18"
-Work Height: 22"
-Power: 5 HP
-Blade Width: 1.25"
-Blade Length: 15'
-Machine Cap: 18" W x 22" H
-Miter: 18" W x 15" L @ 45 Deg.
-Manual Control: Yes
-Double Vice: Yes
-Variable Vice Pressure: Yes
-Forward Cut Stop: Yes
-Flat Carbine Blade Guides: Yes
-Adjustable Blade Speed: Yes
-Adjustable Cutting Force: Yes
-Adjustable Feed Rate: Yes
-Air Powered Blade Tension: Yes
-Powered Guide Arm: Yes
-Blade Chip Brush: Yes
-Broken Blade Indicator: Yes
-Safety Guards: Yes
-Flood Coolant System: Yes
-Air Requirements: 85 PSI, 4-6 CFM Minimum
-Air Filter/Lubricator: Yes
-Volts: 220 / 440 Volt
-Phase: 3

-Good Condition

-In Storage: Toledo, Ohio

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