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72" x 6.50" x 40,000# Stamco Slitting Line

Ref # 10833

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Rebuilt 72" x 6.5" x 40,000# Stamco Slitting Line

Width: 78" Max. Entry
72" Max. Exit
Thickness: 0.012" - 0.125"
Incoming Coil I.D.: 16" Dia.
Outgoing Coil I.D.: 20" Dia.
Coil Diameter: 96" Max. O.D. Entry and Exit
Coil Weight: 40,000# Max.
Line Speed: 400 FPM / 800 FPM
Line Direction: Right to Left

Consisting of the following:

-Entry 4 Arm Turnstile:
40,000# Max. Coil Each Arm
Hydraulic Rotation
Hydraulic Positioning Detent
New Valves

-Entry Scissor Type Coil Car:
40,000# Max. Coil
Spool / Pup Coil Pivoting Dump Off
New Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
New Valves

40,000# Max. Coil x 96" OD Max Coil
4 Segment, 16" Diameter x 72" Face Mandrel
Hydraulic Wedge Type Expansion
Sliding Base for Coil Centering
Holddown Roll
Main Gearbox w/3:1 ratio
Forced Oil Lubrication
New Water Cooled Brake
New Hydraulic Threading Drive and Clutch
New Valves

-Pivoting Extending Type Peeler:
New Pivot Cylinder
New Main Frame
New Valves

-Entry Pinch Roll:
8" Diameter Pinch Rolls
New Lower Roll
New Roll Covering
New Drive Base
New Hydraulic Thread Drive
New Thread Drive Reducer
New U Joint
New Valves

-New Slitter Entry Side Guides:
With Anti-Flutter Roll

-(2) Slitter Heads:
Crane Removal Type
Double Eccentric Arbor Adjustment
New 6.5" Diameter Arbors
New Arbor Bearings
New Main Base:
New Hydraulic Wedge Clamps
New Drive Jaw Couplings
New Valves
Slitter Drive:
New Main Reducer
New Jaw Couplings
New Air Actuated Jaw Clamp
New Valves

-(2) Side Trimmer Heads:
Crane Removal Type
Single Eccentric Arbor Adjustment
New Arbor Bearings
New Drive Shaft Assemblies
New Jaw Couplings

-Pro Eco Precision Leveler:
6 Hi Configuration
(19) Work Rolls
1.750" Dia. x 96" Face Rolls
(21) Full Face Intermediate Rolls
(9) Flights of Backups
(7) Backup Flights Motorized
Internal Cleaning System

-Leveler Spare Parts:
(3) Complete Sets of Work Rolls - Ground
(1) Complete Set of Work Rolls - Unground
(4) Complete Sets of Intermediate Rolls - Ground
(1) Complete Set of Intermediate Rolls - Unground
(58) Backup Bearings - New
(206) Backup Bearings - Unground
(9) Upper Backup Supports
(9) Lower Backup Supports
(46) Drive Shafts - New
(16) U-Joint Ends - New
(48) Work Roll Journal Bushings
Misc. Roll End Hardware
(2) Independent Jacks
(2) Independent Motors
(2) Top Frame Jacks
(2) Transmitters

-PM Exit Crop Shear:
Downcut Type
Reground Shear Blades
Rebuilt 25 Ton Jacks
New Hydraulic Drive System

40,000# x 96" OD Max. Coil
20" Diameter x 84" Face Drum
Exchangeable Quill Type Drum
Hydraulic Expansion and Gripper
Hydraulic Pushoff Plate
New Main Reducer in 2020
New Forced Lubrication System
New Valves

-New Recoiler Reducer Specifications:
Mfg. by Chicago Gear in 2020
32.823:1 Exact Ratio
700 HP @ 1781/2400 Input RPM Rating
Bearing Life 10,000 Hrs. Min.
Helical Gearing
Case Hardened and Ground
AGMA Class 10 Quality

-Outboard Bearing Support:
Provides additional support for Recoiler Drum
Hydraulic Pivoting Arm Style
Hydraulic Extending Nose Pin

-New Free Standing Overarm Separator Assembly:
Exit Deflector Roll
Threading Table

-Exit Coil Car:
Scissor Type
40,000# Max. Coil
Spool / Pup Coil Pivoting Dump Off
New Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit
New Valves

-Equipment has been mechanically rebuilt

-No Electrics or Controls (Can be provided at extra cost)

-Less Slitter Tooling

-Note: Price does not Include Leveler Rebuild

-In Storage

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