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2 HI 1 Stand Fenn Rolling Mill

Ref # 10709-HK

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Fenn 2 HI Rolling Mill Line

Consisting of:

Durant Double-End Uncoiler:
Model DDSC-1, SN:11122
10" wide stock width max.
6" to 24" Coil I.D. Range
Manual expansion
600 LB. Coil Weight
Mechanical drag brake
Keeper arms and back plate
44" dia. back plate

Entry pass line roll:

Keyence Roller guide box with Laser squareness gage/entry side:

Fenn 2 Hi Wire Flattening Mill:
-Model Number: 083
Diameter: 8" (203.2mm)
Roll Face: 6.5" (165mm)
Type: Carbide Rolls
-Column Size: 4.875" x 5" (123.8mm x 127mm)
-Window Opening: 8.5" (215.9mm)
-Bearings: Fenn Type Roller Bearings
-Drive Motor: 5 HP Vector Drive Motor, 1750 RPM, 230/460 V
-Reducer: Pinion Stand / Reducer
30:1 Ratio
-Screwdowns: Motorized 1 HP Drive with AC Clutch
Digital position indicators for front and back
-Drive Joints: Square Type Universal Joints

-Entry Stand with Hold Down, adjustable Side Guides
-Top and bottom roll pneumatically operated Roll Wipers
-Exit stand with pneumatic hold down roll and adjustable side guides
-Mill Controls, New in Aug 2010

-Decambering and Edge Condition Box:
7 adjustable Rolls (2 with dial indicators for position)

-Vollmer VMF-1000/F55-series Contact Thickness Gage:
New in 2007
Machine Number P07/19988
Vollmer mounting table, 6" traverse

-Keyence Laser width micrometer:
Keyence digital read out
Model LS 7070R -Gage
Model LS-7001 -Readout
Width accuracy +/- 3 micron

-Pinch Roll Stand:
Nexum load cells for closed loop tension control
Belt driven encoder for tach feed back
Manual roll height adjustment

-Ruesch Straightener:
Model 65 - 5A, N 1625
S/N: 5010
11 Rolls, 5 over 6 arrangement
Entry Guide Table
Entry Squaring Guides
Exit Squaring Guides
1.25" Dia. x 6" Face Rolls
Currently set-up for 2" Wide Strip
1 HP AC VS Drive, 1140 RPM, 230/460 V
50 FPM Variable Speed
38" Passline
Overall Size: 42" L x 28" W x 47" High

-Inspection Table:

-Keyence Laser squareness table:
4 laser sensors
Square edge
Computer and software

-Length Counter:

-Unist Oiler:
Model SPR-2000 controller
Mini Roller lube applicator
Material thickness range .006" to .060"
-For use with water soluble and neat lubricants.
-Viscosity from 30 1000 SUS.
4" max strip width

-Heinrich Company Hole Punch machine:
Manual operation
Model 6

-Durant Double End Recoiler:
Model VS-DDM-1R
Each reel independently driven by 0.75hp DC motor, 1750 rpm
600 lb coil weight capacity each side
Solid cores for attaching the metal strip to; 0.75" wide
Core ID ranges 10" - 14" and 16"

-Removed and in Storage: Toledo, Ohio

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