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Yoder W20 Tube Mill Parts

Ref # 10577-HK

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Yoder W20 Tube Mill Parts

-Loopco double-sided Turks Heads: 3 ea
-Yoder single-sided Turks Heads: 3 ea
-Entry unit, pinch roll, edge guide, edge prep (3 ea)
various states of repair and completeness
-Mill stand (Base only) (2 ea)
-Box of spacers and Misc. mechanical parts
-Skid of spare Floop rolls
-Large box of misc. spare parts (Bearings, drive shaft parts, gears)
-6 stand drive base with pinion stands and 2 speed reducer
no motor, one drive coupling missing (5.5" c-c on pinion)
-4 stand mill base with 4 inboard, 2 complete outboards
-4 stand drive base, 2 pinon boxes, 2 speed reducer
7.5" C-C on pinion
-7 stand mill base, 1 complete, 4 inboard, 6 fin, entry unit, weld box
weld box incomplete, entry unit incomplete
-Pallet of spare clutch parts for both alpha cut offs
-Pallet of new mill tooling shafts, for all 10 stands
-Box of Alpha cut off parts
-Weld box, frame only
-Large crate, 6 pinon boxes, 3 mill housings, Alpha bottom rail assembly,
one 2 speed reducer, 3 fin pass stands

-Drive base with 2 speed reducer, no motor
-Alpha Cut Off, Mod FR-12-3-148//73-384
S/n 105, 3" x 0.148" wall. No die, No accelerator,
-Box of Ti-coated Alpha Cut-Off blades,
Steel Craft Tool Inc
Livonia Mi

4" x 10" long Cut-Off Blades:
-32 3-1224-B
-29 3-1222-B-T
-30 3-1221-B
-38 3-1223-B
129 total of the large Blades

-9 87-1666120
-18 3-646-B
-14 3-262-BX3
-36 3-262-BX2
-12 3-597-B
-49 3-695-B
-217 3-267-BX2
-5 3-265-3-B ThermaTool
-95 3-698-B
-32 3-267 Bx2
-17 3-697-B
-8 3-695-B Anox
-62 3-267 Bx3
-20 3-262 Bx3
-40 3-397-B2
-82 STC-87-159V
-33 STC-87-166V

-In Storage: Toledo, OH.

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