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Spiromatic Spiral Duct Former

Ref # 10535-HK

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YEAR: 1960

Spiromatic Spiral Duct Former

Model: 600

Duct Diameter Range: 100mm - 1250mm (3.94" - 49.21")
Gauge range: 0.4mm - 1.0mm TO DW144 (0.0157" - 0.0394")
Max strip speed: 65 FPM

Equipped with:
Double-end Uncoiler
Saw blade duct Cutoff
Roller duct receiving table

Main Motor: 7.5 kw (10 hp), 875 rpm, 220 V, 3 ph
NEBB Trefasemotor NOP.SK ARREG
7.4 kw CONT 50 cy
3500 Dmdr
220 volt
2 Speed, 2 clutch motor
2 Speed motor, high speed & low speed(4 speeds total)
Differential gear ratio allows 4 speeds instead of 2 speeds

Saw blade Motor: approx 5 hp

Hydraulic motor pump unit
Typ MV2A401-4FO
220 volt / 60 cycle

No 68376

kg/Cm2 Manometer gauge reading from 0 to 100
used to measure pressure. A pressure gauge or vacuum gauge.
A manometer is an instrument that uses a column of liquid to measure pressure

Also equipped with a Hydraulic pressure sensor plug

Dimensions of mill: 6' x 6'
Weight of mill: 3,500 LBS

Uncoiler: 4' x 4'
Weight: 400 LBS

Runout: Posts & rollers free standing
Note: Not equipped with tooling. Spiro requires a forming box for each gauge
and a Shoe for each diameter

-In Storage: Toledo, OH

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