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Bender, Hairpin, Burr Oak

Ref # 10161-HK

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YEAR: 1994

Burr Oak DVBHB-M123-17LH Double Vertical Bend Hairpin Bender

-Left Hand Machine
-Feed Unit: DCFCL M5 21
-Cutter Head: DMTCO M5 25HL
-Length of Hairpins: 5" Min. - 36" Max.

Equipped With:

-Oak 12 Reel Uncoiler
-Tooled For:
0.3125" OD (5/16") x 1.000" Centers x 6 Tubes (Left Side)
0.3120" OD x 1.000" Centers x 6 Tubes (Right Side)
-Total: 12 Tubes

-In Storage: Rockford, IL.

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