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72" x 0.125" x 40,000# Rowe / Voss Cut To Length Line

Ref # 9949-C

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Materials: CRS
Max. Coil Width: 72"
Max. Coil Weight: 40,000#
Thickness Range: 0.024" - 0.125"
Max. Shear: 50,000 PSI
Max. Yield: 40,000 PSI
Coil I.D.: 20" - 24"
Max. Coil O.D.: 72"
Max. Sheet Length: 20'
Line Direction: Left to Right
Line Speed: 160 FPM

Consisting of the following:

-Entry Coil Car
Floor Mounted
"Low Boy" Type
Powered lift and traverse
Cable Reel

Mandrel Type
Powered Expansion
Hold-down with powered snubber
Feed-up Motor

Side Extending Type

Manually Adjustable Edge Guides
Powered Entry Pinch Rolls
Five (5) Work Rolls in a 2 over 3 Configuration
Powered Exit Pinch Rolls

-Corrective Leveler: Herr Voss
Capacity: 0.024" - 0.125" @ 40,000 psi Yield
Model: 84-1.750-19-9-4HI LH
Nineteen (19) Work Rolls
1.75" Diameter x 84" Face Rolls
4 HI Configuration
Nine (9) Flights of Back-up Rolls (Seven Powered)
Machine Mounted Controls
125 HP DC Motor
Line Speed: 0 - 160 FPM

-Hump Table:

-Wysong Shear:
Bow Tie Blade

-Run-out Table:
Powered Belt Conveyor
Manually Adjustable Positive Stop

"Bomb Bay" Type
Single Sided Flipper Arms
Powered Side Tampers
Powered End Stop

-Side Discharge Conveyor:
Powered Chain Type

Electrical Control Cabinets:

-Spare Parts:
Work Rolls for Leveler
Back-Up Rollers
Shear Blades

-Operators Console:

-Removed and in Storage

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