Affiliated Companies: Excel Industries, Inc. and H.K. Holdings, Inc.

63" x 60,000# Limonta Slitting Line

Ref # 10006

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-Maximum Coil Weight: 28 Ton (60,000 lbs.)
-Maximum Material Thickness: 5.00 mm (0.197")
-Minimum Material Thickness: 0.50 mm (0.020")
-Maximum Coil Width: 1600 mm (63")
-Line Speed: 160 m / Min.
-Coil Outside Diameter: 2000 mm Max. (79")
-Coil Inside Diameter: 508 mm (20")

Consisting of:

-Entry Coil Car:
Pit Type

Hydraulic Expansion
Sliding Base
Powered Holddown Roll
DC Drive Motor
Outboard Support

-Peeler Table:
Entry Pinch Rolls
Entry Crop Shear

-Entry Side Guides:

-Slitter Head:
Injector Head Design
Double Eccentric Arbor Adjustment
DC Drive Motor

-Entry Pit Table:
Driven Pinch Rolls
Catenary Rolls

-Exit Pit Table:
Catenary Rolls
Separator Tooling bar

-Tension Stand:
Passline Roll
Separator Tooling Bar
Tension Pad
Tension Rolls

-Exit Crop Shear:
Exit Passline Roll

Powered Clamp and Expand
Hydraulic Pushoff
Overarm Separator
DC Drive Motor
Outboard Support

-Exit Coil Car:
Pit Type

-Exit Turnstile:
2 Arms
Powered Rotation

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