Affiliated Companies: Excel Industries, Inc. and H.K. Holdings, Inc.

74" x 14.50" x 80,000# Nova Slitting Line

Ref # 10343-HK

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YEAR: 2011

-Built 2011 / Installed 2012 -Material Shear Strength: 60,000 PSI Yield Strength: 80,000 PSI Max. -Strip Thickness: 0.145" to 0.500" -Max. Coil Weight: 80,000 lbs. -Material Width: 74" -Coil I.D. Entry: 24" - 30" Exit: 24" -Line Speed: 100 and 300 FPM -Line Direction: Right to Left Consisting of the following: -(3) Position Coil Storage Saddles: -Entry Coil Car: Scissors Lift Type Vertical Lift Max. 27" Platform Dimension: 36" W x 52" L 15 HP HPU Self-Contained -Double Expanding Stub Uncoiler: 80,000 Lbs. Capacity 84" Max. Coil O.D. 12" Min. Coil Width Hydraulic Expansion Hydraulic Motor Threading Water Cooled Brake on each Head -Free Standing Overarm Holddown Roll: (2) Rolls with Hydraulic Motor Drive 12" Dia. x 36" Face Rolls -Closed Loop Water Cooling System: 20 GPM Flow 150 Gallon Tank -North American Semi-Auto Edge Control: Manual Width Adjustment Photo Electric Edge Detection -Telescoping Peeler Table: 54" Blade Width (2) Hydraulic Cylinders for actuation -Heavy Gauge Flattener: Entry Pinch Rolls 12" Dia. Rolls Hydraulic Cylinder Actuated 4 Roll Flattener/Breaker, 2 over 2 10" Dia. Work Rolls Top Rolls adjusted by Hydraulic Motor thru Screw Jacks Hydraulic Motor Drive to Bottom Rolls -Entry Hydraulic Crop Shear: (2) - 10" Dia. Hydraulic Cylinder Actuation Approx. 15 Sec. Cycle Time Scrap Table and Cart -Entry Roller Side Guides: Hydraulic Motor Powered Adjustment Self-Relieving Guides by Hydraulic Cylinder Setup -Slitter Heads (2) - Injector Type Head Change: Arbor Dia.: 14.50" Knife Dia. Range: 20" Max. - 18" Min. Hydraulic Motor Powered Arbor Adjustment 250 HP AC Inverter Motor, 650 - 2100 RPM Shimless Tooling Approx. 5 min. Head Change Time Tooling Storage Racks -(2) Scrap Winders: Hydraulic Motor Drive Bundle Size: 24" x 30" Bundle Weight: 2,000 lbs. Hydraulic Level Wind Bottom Ball Eject with Hydraulic Cylinder Scrap Ball Cart -Slitter Exit Carry Over Table: -Looping Pit Table: -Drag Board Tension Unit: Entry Separator Tooling Shaft, 5" Dia. Gatling Shaft Setup & Change Over w/2 Tooling Shafts Entry Strip Holddown Roll Air Bag for Strip Clamping Pressure Separator Tooling -Exit Hydraulic Crop Shear: (2) - 10" Dia. Hydraulic Cylinder Actuation Approx. 15 Sec. Cycle Time -Deflector/Pinch Rolls: 12" Dia. x 76" Face Rolls Hydraulic Motor Driven -Recoiler Threading Feedup Table: Hydraulic Cylinder Actuated -Recoiler: 80,000 Lbs. Capacity 24" Diameter x 83" Face Drum Hydraulic Grip & Expand Hydraulic Pushoff 2 Speed Integral Gearbox 300 HP AC Inverter Motor, 650 - 1950 RPM Disc Holding Brake Outboard Bearing Retractable Support -Overarm Separator Assembly: 5" Dia. Tooling Bar Tooling Included -Exit Coil Car: 80,000 Lbs. Capacity Retainer Arms for Outside Mults 30" Max. Vertical Lift 10 HP Self-Contained Hydraulic Power Unit -4 Arm Exit Turnstile: 80,000 Lbs. Capacity (Each Arm) C-Hook Type Arms 84" Max. OD Hydraulic Pushoff Hydraulic Rotation and Locking -(3) Main Hydraulic Power Units: 50 HP Drive, 49 GPM Variable Pump 200 Gallon Reservoir 1500 Max. PSI -Line Controls and AC Panel: Parker SSE AC Inverter Drives 460 / 3 / 60 Hz. -Line is installed and running; Jackson, AL.

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