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Punching Machine, Hole, Carson

Ref # 10171-HK

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YEAR: 1989

Carson Model CHP-1B x 30"

Manually loaded & operated Hole Punching Machine for
production of header tubes.

-Bed Length: 30"
-Capacity: Originally tooled to punch 0.484" Dia. holes in
-1.375" x 0.055" Wall Copper Tube
-Pneumatically Powered and Controlled.
-Produces flat holes, punching from the outside to the inside
of the tube.
-Produces a slug as waste.
-No lubricant required.
-Fast and accurate and widely used in the HVAC industry.
-Easy to change tooling and setup.
-Simple, versatile template system for linear locations.
-Indexable tube carriage for radial locations.
-Accurate and repeatable hole location.

-In Storage: Rockford, IL

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